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Technical Summary

Minimum Device Pitch: 0.40 (.016)
Signal Path Length: 4.05 (.160)
Force per Contact: 26g (.9 oz.) @ 0.70 (.027) travel
Device Compliance: 0.50 (.020)
DUT Board Compliance: 0.20 (.008)
Operating Temperature: -55°C to 120°C
(prolonged exposure of >1 hour reduces the max operating temperature of music wire springs to 85°C)
Insertions: > 500,000
    Dimensions in millimeters (inches)

Electrical Specifications

Typical Resistance: < 80 mΩ
Current Carrying Capacity: 1.5 amps continuous
(Current DC carry capacity @ 80°C steady state)
Pattern 2a (RSR):  @ 0.40mm pitch
Characteristic Impedance: 44 Ω
Time Delay: 21 pSec
Loop Inductance: 0.95 nH
Signal Pin to Return Capacitance: 0.48 pF
- 1 dB Insertion Loss Bandwidth: > 20 GHz


Barrel: Phosphorous bronze, gold plated
Spring: Music wire, gold plated
Device Side Contact:
001: Full-hard beryllium copper, gold plated
  H1: Homogeneous alloy
  H2: Homogeneous alloy

Board Side Contact: Full-hard beryllium copper, gold plated

How to Order

200-000940-001   0.125 4-pt crown
200-000940-H1     0.125 4-pt crown, homogeneous alloy
200-000940-H2     0.125 4-pt crown, homogeneous alloy


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