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Coaxial Probes

If you test at high frequencies or need an RF interconnection, IDI is uniquely qualified to address all your requirements with the industry's most extensive line-up of high reliability coaxial probes. IDI Coax Probes provide a low noise, controlled impedance signal path with reliable and easy connect/disconnect options. IDI coaxial probe designs are available with:
  • 50 Ohm impedance 
  • 75 Ohm or other impedance designs available on a build-to-order basis
  • Bandwidths of 3 GHz for coax probes with shielding plungers
  • Bandwidths of 500 MHz for non-shielded designs
  • Bandwidths to 10 GHz are available in custom designs
  • Double ended (compliant on both ends) or single ended (compliant on one end) designs
  • Option of pre-attached cable and a standard SMA connector.
  • Single ended coax probes with built-in SMB connector for direct pluggability.
  • 100999 Coax probe has a notched, non-rotating shielding plunger
Coaxial ProbesPDFCentersImpedenceFeatures
101097 .200 (5.08)50ΩDouble Ended with Shielding Plungers
100780 .100 (2.54)50 ΩSingle Ended with Shielding Plunger and Cable
100445 / 100746.200 (5.08)50 ΩSingle Ended with Shielding Plunger and Cable
100563 .300 (7.62)50 ΩSingle Ended with Shielding Plunger and SMB Connector
100559 / 100910.300 (7.62)50 Ω Single Ended with Shielding Plunger and SMB Connector
100546 .100 (2.54)50 ΩDouble Ended with Shielding Plungers
100547 .070. (1.78)50 ΩDouble Ended with Cable
100526 .150 (3.81)50 ΩSingle Ended with Cable
100999 .200 (5.08)
50 ΩNon-Rotating Shielding Plunger with Cable


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Our commitment to “first-cycle, every-cycle" reliability is backed by the extensive product testing and evaluation performed in our Test Lab.